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MusicTalker’s Best Albums of 2013

1. Killswitch Engage – Disarm The Descent

The studio return of original vocalist Jesse Leach proved to be a successful endeavor and an exceptional release, pleasing many long-time and new fans alike.
2. Black Sabbath – 13

Heavy metal pioneers, Black Sabbath, reunited in late 2011, showing the world that they still have the power after all these years through this phenomenal release and a world tour.
3. Alter Bridge – Fortress

As a band comprised of all of the members of Creed except for singer Scott Stapp, Alter Bridge continue to portray their superior sound, much different from the former group.  With lead vocalist Myles Kennedy in the limelight, Alter Bridge are virtually unstoppable, as confirmed by Fortress.
4. Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP2

The sequel to 2000’s Marshall Mathers LP, 2013’s Marshall Mathers LP2 affirms that angry Eminem is indeed the best Eminem.  With the necessary controversial insults and the use of a variety of rapping styles, this new effort is arguably his best yet.  From the Beastie Boys-esque “Berzerk” to the lightning speed spitting on “Rap God” to the voice-altering style on “Love Game,” Eminem surprises the listener with the vast versatility he possesses.
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[REVIEW] Killswitch Engage Come Full Force with “Disarm the Descent”

In my song review of “In Due Time,” the first single off of 2013’s Disarm the Descent, I conjectured that the first Killswitch Engage album to feature original vocalist Jesse Leach since 2002’s Alive Or Just Breathing would sound like a combination between Alive and 2004’s The End of Heartache.  After having listened to Disarm in its entirety numerous times, a better comparison is a mesh between Times of Grace and Killswitch Engage.

Times of Grace was a project featuring Killswitch Engage guitarist vocalist Adam D. and Leach prior to Leach’s return to Killswitch.  The project’s debut album, 2010’s The Hymn Of A Broken Man, received critical acclaim.  It sounded like a more melodic and mature version of Killswitch Engage.

As the members of Killswitch Engage are not getting any younger, maturity is inevitable.  Therefore, the heavy influence of the Times of Grace sound in the writing of Disarm the Descent was unavoidable.  Some Internet users labeled the result “Killswitch of Grace” and “Times of Killswitch.”  While those may be accurate assessments, Disarm is undoubtedly a stronger release than 2009’s Killswitch Engage.

The overall composition of the songs is stronger, as well as the effort and emotion the musicians poured into the new material.  Leach sounds better than ever, as does the rest of the band.  Adam D.’s backing vocals perfectly complement those of Leach.  The guitar riffs and the choruses are arguably the most appealing of any Killswitch release.

Key tracks include “The Hell In Me,” “Always,” and “No End In Sight.”  “The Hell In Me” is a great opener and sets the tone for an intense listen.  “Always” and “No End In Sight” are probably the closest songs to the Times of Grace material.  The former is a mellow, ballad-like song, fresh from the Times of Grace sessions, or so it sounds like.  The latter has many similar elements to Times of Grace’s “Strength In Numbers.”  They both include Leach chanting lyrics at the beginning with groovy guitar licks.  “No End In Sight” is one of the heaviest yet catchiest tracks on Disarm.

[SONG REVIEW] Denial Machine – “Devil In My Veins”

Up-and-coming Chicago-based alternative metal act, Denial Machine, recently posted a new song on SoundCloud. Titled “Devil In My Veins,” the track is from the forthcoming EP, The Flagrum, The Scourge, set to drop this month.

Denial Machine vocalist Casey Lee Mullen has a similar style to Disturbed’s David Draiman with the range of a power metal singer. Combined with the instrumentation of a metalcore band, it would be predicted that this band may sound peculiar.  However, the mesh between the operatic Disturbed-esque vocals with the riffage of Killswitch Engage or All That Remains works well for Denial Machine.  There are also some thrash metal influences incorporated into “Devil In My Veins.”

Along with the precision and melodic heaviness, there is evident emotion poured into this song.  This band has a clear sense of passion which they have magnificently portrayed in this one song. This is the type of passion that can lead to a successful career in the music industry.

For more information about Denial Machine, see their Facebook and/or Twitter.

[SONG REVIEW] Killswitch Engage – “In Due Time”

From the groovy opening riff pummeling the listener’s eardrums, it is clear that the fire in the bellies of these Westfield, Massachusetts metallers has been fully rekindled since the return of original lead vocalist, Jesse Leach.

“In Due Time” is the first single coming from Killswitch Engage’s forthcoming sixth full-length release, Disarm the Descent, which is the first to feature Leach since 2002’s Alive or Just Breathing.  If this song is any form of a preview to the overall new album, it’s looking pretty good and heavy for long-time Killswitch fans.  The new single is not only refreshing because it’s new KsE, but also because it sounds more like Killswitch Engage than Killswitch Engage did on 2009’s Killswitch Engage, their second self-titled release.  Now, that seems pretty ironic, but if you’ve ever heard that record, you would understand.  That CD sounded like the band just didn’t care anymore.  They seemed to be turning into DevilDriver, simply moving through the motions and mindlessly appeasing their record contracts.  However, once the band’s at-the-time frontman, Howard Jones, left the picture and Jesse Leach returned, things were definitely looking up.

After listening to “In Due Time” several times, it definitely seems as though the band is back on the right track.  Judging by this one song, it seems like fans should expect Disarm the Descent to be some sort of combination between Alive and 2004’s The End of Heartache, arguably the band’s best two albums. Despite the difference in vocalists (The End of Heartache was the first KsE album with Howard Jones), the overall sound of the music on both CDs is comparable in heaviness, energy, and evident passion from all parts of the band.  All of those elements seem to have resurfaced nine years later in this brand new single.

Disarm the Descent will be released on April 2, 2013 [in North America] via Roadrunner Records.


“In Due Time”

Thoughts on “Trespass America Festival” Tour

 As recently announced, a group of hard rock/heavy metal bands will be hitting the road together across North America this summer.  Overall, I really like the lineup, with a few exceptions. With that said, this is a very weird mix of bands.  I am not even sure to what type of crowd will come out to these shows. For instance, Pop Evil and Emmure have not the slightest similarities in any part of their respective styles.  If you scrapped those two bands, you would have an absolutely killer bill which makes much more sense as a whole.

Anyway, I plan to attend the Worcester date.  I need to experience Killswitch Engage with original lead singer, Jesse Leach.  Unfortunately, I missed their performance at New England Metal and Hardcore Festival last Sunday night.  However, I am set on seeing them this time around.  Also, it will be great to see God Forbid and Trivium once again.  I really like what I have heard from Battlecross, so they will be cool to see.  As for Five Finger Death Punch, I could go either way with them.

I feel like I might be sending some mixed messages here, so I will say this:  This tour seems to be a promising one and if you like any and/or all of the bands on the bill, you should probably check it out!

Trespass America Tour lineup:

Pop Evil
God Forbid
Killswitch Engage
Five Finger Death Punch

Check out this video of Killswitch Engage live at New England Metal and Hardcore Fest last Sunday (April 22nd, 2012):

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