Thoughts on “Trespass America Festival” Tour

 As recently announced, a group of hard rock/heavy metal bands will be hitting the road together across North America this summer.  Overall, I really like the lineup, with a few exceptions. With that said, this is a very weird mix of bands.  I am not even sure to what type of crowd will come out to these shows. For instance, Pop Evil and Emmure have not the slightest similarities in any part of their respective styles.  If you scrapped those two bands, you would have an absolutely killer bill which makes much more sense as a whole.

Anyway, I plan to attend the Worcester date.  I need to experience Killswitch Engage with original lead singer, Jesse Leach.  Unfortunately, I missed their performance at New England Metal and Hardcore Festival last Sunday night.  However, I am set on seeing them this time around.  Also, it will be great to see God Forbid and Trivium once again.  I really like what I have heard from Battlecross, so they will be cool to see.  As for Five Finger Death Punch, I could go either way with them.

I feel like I might be sending some mixed messages here, so I will say this:  This tour seems to be a promising one and if you like any and/or all of the bands on the bill, you should probably check it out!

Trespass America Tour lineup:

Pop Evil
God Forbid
Killswitch Engage
Five Finger Death Punch

Check out this video of Killswitch Engage live at New England Metal and Hardcore Fest last Sunday (April 22nd, 2012):


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