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MusicTalker’s Best Albums of 2013

1. Killswitch Engage – Disarm The Descent

The studio return of original vocalist Jesse Leach proved to be a successful endeavor and an exceptional release, pleasing many long-time and new fans alike.
2. Black Sabbath – 13

Heavy metal pioneers, Black Sabbath, reunited in late 2011, showing the world that they still have the power after all these years through this phenomenal release and a world tour.
3. Alter Bridge – Fortress

As a band comprised of all of the members of Creed except for singer Scott Stapp, Alter Bridge continue to portray their superior sound, much different from the former group.  With lead vocalist Myles Kennedy in the limelight, Alter Bridge are virtually unstoppable, as confirmed by Fortress.
4. Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP2

The sequel to 2000’s Marshall Mathers LP, 2013’s Marshall Mathers LP2 affirms that angry Eminem is indeed the best Eminem.  With the necessary controversial insults and the use of a variety of rapping styles, this new effort is arguably his best yet.  From the Beastie Boys-esque “Berzerk” to the lightning speed spitting on “Rap God” to the voice-altering style on “Love Game,” Eminem surprises the listener with the vast versatility he possesses.
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[Album Review] Trivium – “Vengeance Falls”

Orlando, Florida’s Trivium have made a point to deliver an entirely different collection of music with each studio release. Coming off the heels of 2011’s standard metalcore album, In Waves, 2013’s Vengeance Falls treads experimental waters with more of an industrial sound. Despite its superiority over In Waves, the new record does not meet the prowess of 2008’s ShogunShogun was easily the definitive Trivium record thus far, showing the band’s full potential in every form of musicianship.  Shogun was a coming of age for the group of metalhead 20-somethings.

Although In Waves might have set them back a bit, Vengeance Falls has partially redeemed the band. As publicized, the new album was produced by Disturbed/Device vocalist David Draiman. The musicianship on Vengeance Falls shows that Draiman probably offered significant feedback which Trivium considered, as several songs sound extremely Device-inspired.  In fact, lead vocalist/guitarist Matt Heafy utilizes vocal techniques signature of Draiman in several songs, especially “To Believe.”

That is not to say that this is not original material.  All of these new songs were clearly penned by Heafy, guitarist Corey Beaulieu, bassist Paolo Gregoletto, and drummer Nick Augusto.  Each musician excels with his performance, both individually and together as a band.  The dueling guitar solos in “Strife” showcase the capabilities of both Heafy and Beaulieu.  With very few screams from Heafy throughout the record, the lead vocalist is able to offer more of his sharp and clear clean singing within a relatively wide vocal range.

“No Way To Heal” includes both screams and clean vocals from Heafy with a song composition reminiscent of Shogun, thus becoming one of the better tracks on Vengeance Falls. It almost sounds like it could have been a B-side from the Shogun recording sessions.

Other key focus tracks are “Brave This Storm,” “Through Blood and Dirt and Bone,” and “Villainy Thrives.”

Vengeance may be falling for this maturing group of young men, but Trivium’s potential is once again rising.


MusicTalker’s rating: 4/5

Thoughts on “Trespass America Festival” Tour

 As recently announced, a group of hard rock/heavy metal bands will be hitting the road together across North America this summer.  Overall, I really like the lineup, with a few exceptions. With that said, this is a very weird mix of bands.  I am not even sure to what type of crowd will come out to these shows. For instance, Pop Evil and Emmure have not the slightest similarities in any part of their respective styles.  If you scrapped those two bands, you would have an absolutely killer bill which makes much more sense as a whole.

Anyway, I plan to attend the Worcester date.  I need to experience Killswitch Engage with original lead singer, Jesse Leach.  Unfortunately, I missed their performance at New England Metal and Hardcore Festival last Sunday night.  However, I am set on seeing them this time around.  Also, it will be great to see God Forbid and Trivium once again.  I really like what I have heard from Battlecross, so they will be cool to see.  As for Five Finger Death Punch, I could go either way with them.

I feel like I might be sending some mixed messages here, so I will say this:  This tour seems to be a promising one and if you like any and/or all of the bands on the bill, you should probably check it out!

Trespass America Tour lineup:

Pop Evil
God Forbid
Killswitch Engage
Five Finger Death Punch

Check out this video of Killswitch Engage live at New England Metal and Hardcore Fest last Sunday (April 22nd, 2012):

“So Far, So Good, So What!”

Hey, so, I guess I will post here and not just on http://rathbonemusic.tumblr.com/.  As I said in my most recent post on here, go “follow” that if you have tumblr!  It’s a new music blog I am running with a couple buddies.

Anyway, I came here to talk about concerts.  This year is actually shaping up pretty well in terms of concerts, for both tours and destination festivals.  My own itinerary for the year is living proof:

Saturday, February 4th – Machine Head with Suicide Silence and Darkest Hour at the Palladium

Friday, February 17th – In Flames with Trivium, Veil of Maya, and Kyng at the Palladium

Monday, March 26th (MY BIRTHDAY!) – Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band at TD Garden

Friday, August 3rd – Mayhem Fest at Comcast Center  (tickets go on sale on April 6th)

It’s looking good so far.  I think I read about a rumor for a U.S. run by Iron Maiden at some point this year or perhaps in 2013.  That would be awesome.  I saw them back in 2008 on their “Somewhere Back In Time” tour at the Comcast Center. Despite standing in the pouring rain, that was an absolutely killer show!  They were awesome and I would love another chance to experience them in a live setting before they retire (which might be very soon…)!

With that said, I am still anxiously awaiting the reunited Black Sabbath to release some U.S. dates.  Although, I understand that Tony’s health is a crucial factor in how the band will operate.  I sincerely hope he gets better, both because I want to see the original Sabbath lineup at least once and because cancer is an evil thing from which no one in the world deserves to suffer.

For those who still have not heard, Tony Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma a month or so ago.  So, best wishes to Mr. Iommi coming from myself and many others.  You, sir, are a very noble and strong man.  After all, you were the one who created the heavy metal sound and paved the way for an entire sub-culture to arise.  Fight this demon. You’ve got this!

In other news, the 2012 lineup for the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival was announced last week.  I posted about it on Rathbone, but I will briefly discuss it here.  I am very excited for this year’s Mayhem Fest, which will see Slipknot and Slayer co-headlining with a special guest to be announced on March 5th (presumably, Motorhead), and a rotation among As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada, and Asking Alexandria rounding out the main stage.  Anthrax will headline the Jagermeister side stage with support from the aforementioned rotating bands, Whitechapel, High on Fire, and a local opener for each date.

I will spare you my thoughts and opinions on the lineup, but if you’re interested, check them out:  http://rathbonemusic.tumblr.com/post/16468850876/mayhem-festival-2012-lineup


So, I have written A LOT in this post, so I will cut myself off here.  Here are some links to check out:

Check out the news section and tour dates:

Mayhem Fest 2012 lineup official announcement:

A shout-out to my buddy B-Rad’s blog, check it out!!


Musictalker here.  It’s going to be an exciting few weeks, at least for me.  My Lamb of God pre-order for their new album, Resolution, will be arriving in my hands at some point next week!  You can probably expect a review on that soon enough.

I will also be seeing Machine Head at the Worcester Palladium on Saturday, February 4th, with support from Suicide Silence and Darkest Hour.  A couple weeks later, I will experience In Flames and Trivium co-headlining the Palladium, on Friday, February 17th.  I will definitely try to get some timely show reviews on here for both of those concerts.

In other news, the Boss released a new song, which is very different for him, but pretty damn good.  I definitely want to see Bruce for the fourth time, so I hope he announces U.S. dates SOON!

Speaking of U.S. tours, Red Hot Chili Peppers just added one New England date to their upcoming U.S. tour at the TD Garden in Boston on May 7th!  Apparently, tickets are $62 or so.  If that’s the case, that isn’t too bad, especially considering how big the Chili Peppers are, as well as the show being at the Garden.


I think that’s all for now.  I will check back in very soon! Stay tuned, everyone!

Live Review: Trivium

I attended the Trivium concert at the Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts this past Friday, November 6th, 2009.  It was an amazing concert and very well-received by the crowd of metalheads.  I was surprised at the amount of couples there that night as it was a metal show.  Long live metal chicks!

Despite the chaos on the floor momentarily halting my enjoyment, each band brought their top game to the table.  With the exception of Whitechapel, I thoroughly enjoyed each band.  Dirge Within opened the night and killed it!  I ended up bumping into Jerms, their lead singer, during Whitechapel’s set, and he was very down-to-earth.  One of Dirge’s guitarists, Shaun Glass, actually gave my friend who also plays guitar a pick.

Whitechapel were just horrendous in my opinion.  Personally, I like some melody in my metal and Whitechapel did not fulfill that priority.  They were the definition of noise.

While we were talking to the Dirge Within guys, Chimaira took the stage.  They threw a great show and proved why they belonged in the direct support slot for this tour.

It was finally time for Trivium at about 10:30 PM.  They definitely brought their top game.  Although Travis was not behind the drumset, the fill-in definitely showed his potential and hit every beat exactly how it was supposed to be done.  Matt and Corey really connected with the fans.  Paolo didn’t seem to be having as much fun as his fellow bandmates.  Matt actually walked off-stage and right by me during one of the songs, still shredding on his guitar.  There were no sound problems or anything with Trivium.  I would give them a solid 10 on a scale of 1-10 due to the quality of their performance, their ability to really connect with the fans, and their overall respect for their fans.  Matt and Corey actually kept looking my way.  I smirked at Matt and as everyone knows, if someone smiles at you, you cannot help but return a smile.  That is exactly what he did.  Corey actually looked our way and stuck his tongue out when we cheered for him.

This concert was a phenomenal experience and as previously mentioned, all of the bands, except for Whitechapel, put on amazing shows.  Dirge Within – 8.5/10; Whitechapel – 2/10 (2 because they seemed to fulfill the expectations of their fans); Chimaira – 8/10; Trivium – 10/10.


The following photos were taken by my friend:

Dirge Within

Dirge Within





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