Cover Song of the Month: September 2013

Georgia country band Seven Handle Circus has been chosen for the cover song of September with its live rendition of Daft Punk’s “One More Time.”  As stated in the band’s bio on its Facebook page, “Seven Handle Circus is a six-piece Georgia band that has been critically acclaimed as ‘bad-ass bluegrass’ with the ‘drive and energy of a rock band.’”  This description is evidenced by the video of the aforementioned cover, which can be viewed below.

Seven Handle Circus is comprised of the standard rock band instrumental section with the addition of orchestral instruments, such as violin and bass.  In the group’s cover of “One More Time,” the violinist is highlighted with playing lead while the guitarist plays more of a rhythmic role for a noticeable amount of time.

While the lead vocalist’s voice does not sound fully suited at times for this particular song, the banjo player’s counter-harmonies with the lead vocalist/guitarist make for an extremely catchy bridge and crowd pleasing moment.

Between that bridge and the jam session at the end, the last third of the performance is easily the most enjoyable part.  The best aspect is that the band members are clearly loving what they are doing, which shows in the musical output as well as their smiling faces.

Seven Handle Circus conquered that seemingly challenging song in every way.  Watch the video below and construct your own opinion.

If you or a musician you know has recorded a cover song that may be deemed worthy of the title of MusicTalker’s Cover Song of the Month, submit it to


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