[Song Review] The Bloodline – “The Blackout”

Since the acquisition of Divine Heresy vocalist Travis Neal, there has been a great deal of change in the camp of the band formerly known as Dirge Within. Perhaps, these changes are for the better as “The Blackout” is very different from and arguably more enjoyable than much of the Dirge Within material.

There were undoubtedly some great songs from Dirge Within. Having owned Force Fed Lies since 2009, it can be said that it was an awesome debut album.  The group’s sophomore effort, 2012’s There Will Be Blood, was also a solid release from top to bottom.  However, while the Dirge Within tunes were well-composed and very pleasing on metalhead ears, it was somewhat generic. The band’s rebirth as The Bloodline offers a sense of refreshment in a scene crowded with too much of the same.

Judging from “The Blackout,” the loss of original Dirge Within vocalist Jeremy “Jerms” Genske had a positive outcome.  Therefore, depending on personal opinions, long-time fans may not, in fact, miss Jerms, as suggested in this Artist of Week article from March 8, 2013.

This first song released by The Bloodline maintains the groove Dirge Within founding member and guitarist Shaun Glass (Broken Hope, ex- SOiL) has incorporated into each of his projects.  However, “The Blackout” is much more melodic than any Dirge Within song with Jerms on vocals due to both more instrumental melody and more vocally talented clean singing.

“The Blackout” sounds a bit reminiscent of Trivium and Killswitch Engage, which is a compliment more than anything.  The instrumentation is undeniably heavy metal while the vocals hover over the thin line between hard rock and metal.  That is not to say that it would sound weak to a metalhead.  In fact, it is extremely well-composed and offers a strong proverbial fist to the face.

For more on The Bloodline, check out their Facebook page.


Photo courtesy of The Bloodline’s Facebook page.



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