Artist of the Week [8/23/2013]: The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a music production duo from New York City, specializing in remixing the music of up-and-coming indie musicians.  They classify their music as progressive house with an indie soul.  That is an exceptionally accurate description, which helps the listener’s brain to digest the magnitude of precision put forth in the duo’s remixes.

Discard any perceptions that all remix artists are not actual “artists.”  The Chainsmokers have consistently created great quality songs out of other musicians’ material, some of which sound better than the original versions.

The two-person team, comprised of Alex and Drew, is releasing its remix of Fenech-Soler’s “Last Forever” via Warner Brothers UK on September 16th.  As the duo’s latest and potential break-out work, The Chainsmokers are promoting their remix of “Last Forever.” According to Alex and Drew, The Chainsmokers had reached out to Fenech-Soler in hopes to remix the group’s previous single, “Magnetic,” just to learn that it had been exhausted of remixes. Instead, Fenech-Soler offered their upcoming song, “Last Forever,” for The Chainsmokers to show their potential.  The Chainsmokers definitely showed their potential, and then some.  One major highlight is the remixed vocal work after the 2:30 mark, which accents the “progressive house” feel and adds an extra psychedelic aspect to the song.  Overall, this remix is arguably an easier listen than the original version.  It is a slower, less heavy track yet a little more fun and more radio-friendly.

Other key tracks to check out are the duo’s remixes of Smallpools’ “Dreaming” and Phoenix’s “Trying To Be Cool.”  Both tracks are in the same boat as The Chainsmokers’ remix of “Last Forever” in the sense that all three songs are superior to the original works.

I realize that may come off as a very bold statement.  I am not saying that the original songs are bad, by any means.  I listened to each remix and its original piece and actually enjoyed each one. It seemed that The Chainsmokers poured more emotion into the tracks than the songwriters themselves.  The way Alex and Drew altered the songs simply affected the overall mood and tone of the music.

If you think I am not making any sense, listen to each remix and its original song and let me know your thoughts in the comments section here.

For more information on The Chainsmokers, visit their Facebook.




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