[REVIEW] Lansdowne – “No Home But The Road”

Up-and-coming Bostonian hard rockers Lansdowne released a six song EP titled No Home But The Road on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 as the follow-up to their debut album, 2011’s Blue Collar Revolver.

According to the band’s Facebook page, this new EP, consisting of five new tracks and a re-recorded version of “One Shot” from the debut, acts as a music autobiography of life on the road. Lansdowne toured relentlessly for two years, often performing for U.S. military troops at locations such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Kurdistan.

No Home But The Road is a response to the consistent feedback on the band’s debut album and how fans wished the material were as strong on record as it was live.

The first track off the new EP, “Burn Brighter,” brings the listener back to 2008 with a sound reminiscent to Shinedown’s  “Sound of Madness.”  The chorus is comparable to that of a Sevendust song. Comparisons aside, Lansdowne vocalist Jon Ricci has a much more easily accessible singing style than those of the aforementioned, better-established singers.

In a similar fashion, “New Day” sounds like a Theory of a Deadman song, but catchier than anything Theory of a Deadman could ever write.

“Frankenstein,” which features Dan Donegan of Fight Or Flight and Disturbed, is the reason that Lansdowne have a bright future ahead of them. Both “Frankenstein” and “Mississippi” represent everything being done right in modern hard rock.

Lastly, “My Disaster” contains all of the elements for a smash hit, minus the F-bomb, which can be easily edited out for radio.

Overall, No Home But The Road proves that Lansdowne have perfected the formula for a successful hard rock release.

MusicTalker’s rating: 5/5


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