[REVIEW] Revocation Melt Faces On New Self-titled Record

As mentioned on the June 28th Artist of the Week piece, Boston death-thrashers Revocation have kept very busy during the last few years. On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, the band will release its self-titled, fourth full-length studio release via Relapse Records. Revocation is currently streaming in its entirety via GuitarWorld.com.

In the aforementioned article, I reported that: “after hearing the new album’s first single, ‘The Hive,’ it looks like the band is by no means getting careless or sloppy. “  I stand by that statement as Revocation can be placed alongside the band’s past three releases in terms of originality, brutality, and technique.  These guys know exactly what they are doing.

Out of all of Revocation’s releases, 2009’s Existence Is Futile is arguably their strongest record.  Although, each release is strong in its own right. Revocation continues the band’s journey toward gratifying success in the metal world. It may actually surpass 2011’s Chaos of Forms in fan appreciation.

Song highlights include “The Hive,” “Fracked,” “The Gift You Gave,” and the rest of the album.

People say that “the idea of full albums has died.” While that may be true with some musicians, it is not the case with Revocation.  Their new album is a well-deserved, necessary listen from start to finish.

MusicTalker’s rating: 4/5


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