[REVIEW] We The Machine – “Dissenter”

Currently in the process of emerging from the highly acclaimed Boston area music scene, post-hardcore group We The Machine recently released their debut EP, Dissenter.  After performing at the July 11th Warped Tour stop in Mansfield, MA, We The Machine are sure to break through the barriers of the underground music scene very soon.

One factor that will act as an advantage in gaining continuous exposure is the band’s cover of Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart A Break.”  During an interview I conducted with the band in May, guitarist/vocalist Jace Frenzy spoke of the cover and its success: “It got a ton of exposure from a bunch of different outlets like Under The Gun, Disney, amongst many more…It has close to 50,000 unique plays on YouTube; we didn’t think it’d draw that much attention, but…thanks Demi!”

Overall, Dissenter is a great representation of a successful fusion of pop-punk and metalcore.  The breakdowns are tasteful and the alternating screams and clean vocals are well composed.  Furthermore, the melodies, both vocal and instrumental, are very catchy and easily accessible for lyric-loving fans.  The band’s influences are very prominent, but they are by no means copycats.

Fans of We Came As Romans, Memphis May Fire, and The Devil Wears Prada will appreciate Dissenter.  While the EP’s single, “The Fallen,” is arguably the most easily accessible and potential fan favorite, the rest of Dissenter stands strong and is on point to place We The Machine ahead of the pack.


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