“Shine On” is the first new SOiL single following the return of original lead vocalist Ryan McCombs.  It comes off of the band’s sixth studio album, Whole, which is set for an August 20th release date.  The music video for “Shine On” was posted online this past Wednesday, June 26th.

While it may be a straight-forward, stereotypical hard rock music video, the footage fits well with the song’s vibe.  While the storylines are a bit choppy, their lack of clarity does not extinguish the intensity of the video.

As portrayed in the video, there are two main storylines.  One contains a man fighting with his father while the other entails a young woman reaching the last straw.  The two stories eventually coincide in a narrow hallway where SOiL is performing.  The fact that the band is performing in such a narrow space seems slightly peculiar.

It does not help with the plot’s quality that SOiL’s performance is more prominent than the two main characters.  One positive aspect is the quick cuts between shots during the video.  As the song is reasonably fast-paced, the video should move quickly to keep up with the song’s vibe.  Therefore, SOiL succeeded here.

As for the song, it is good to see McCombs back on vocals.  If the rest of the new album is like “Shine On,” Whole will pick up where 2004’s Re.De.Fine left off.  It might even be a step up, which is saying a lot, as Re.De.Fine is arguably the definitive SOiL record thus far.

Watch the video below:


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