[REVIEW] Darius Rucker No Longer “Rocks”: “True Believers”

Known best as the front man of 90’s rock band Hootie & The Blowfish, Darius Rucker has more recently tested his luck in the country genre.  As Hootie’s sound bordered the line of country music, this was not really a stretch for Rucker’s vocal capabilities.  In fact, his voice is arguably best suited for country music. In 2002, he had released a R&B record, not acquiring nearly as much success as his three country albums have endured.

While 2008’s Learn To Live and 2010’s Charleston, SC 1966 both offered a country rock-type feel, 2013’s True Believers seems to abandon that rock sound.  There is more use of piano and is much less guitar-oriented than the album’s predecessors.  With that said, there are some very catchy songs on here.  The first single, “Wagon Wheel,” is undeniably a great sing-a-long, perhaps in a campfire setting.  Other highlights include the title track, “Lost In You,” and “Heartbreak Road.”  The latter is a prime example of Rucker’s retreat from the rock genre.

Overall, True Believers is not bad, but not amazing.  Charleston, SC 1966 was a smoother-flowing, consistent album with catchier songs and arguably his best solo release to date.

If you like Darius Rucker and country music, feel free to check out True Believers.

MusicTalker’s rating: 3/5



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