In the Hot Seat: We The Machine

Up-and-coming metalcore/post-hardcore outfit, We The Machine, have been building a solid fan base since their recent inception in 2012.  As it has almost been a full year since Awakening Biota handled the “hot seat,” it was a great opportunity to pick the brains of another Massachusetts band.  Unfortunately, due to conflicting schedules, I was not able to sit in on a band practice for We The Machine as I did with Awakening Biota.  Still, we managed to collaborate via email to bring you the conversation below.  While guitarist/vocalist/main songwriter, Jace Frenzy, conquers most of my questions, the rest of the band weighs in on a couple inquiries.

These guys offered some pretty interesting answers to some of my questions.  It was especially surprising to see the diversity of their first concerts. Check out the interview below.

For more information on We The Machine, visit their Facebook page here.


You guys just formed in 2012, but already seem to have a relatively large and ever-growing fan base. How did We The Machine come to be and what did you do to get so many followers off the bat?

Jace: Well a lot of us came from previous bands, whom had a residual following of some die-hard fans.  Also, I think that people love to be early-adopters and can relate with what We The Machine is all about – pursuing your passions.  We definitely feed off of their energy, and their support makes us love what we do every day.

Who are your main influences?

Jace:  The band puts their individual spins on each tune.  Musically, you will definitely hear my pop punk roots mixed in with some heavy chug riffs and even some technical guitar work, which our lead guitarist Max loves to write.  We’ve heard people compare us to bands like We Came As Romans, Memphis May Fire, Oh Sleeper, The Color Morale, etc. – although I think there’s a ton of influences that goes into making a band your own.

What was the first concert you ever attended?

Jace:  Green Day in Worcester, MA
Max: Dethklok and Mastodon in Boston, MA

Dave: Slipknot in Mansfield, MA

Danny: Korn in Lowell, MA

Derek: Van Halen in Lowell, MA

Mark: Metallica in Foxboro, MA

I understand you guys are competing to perform on Warped Tour this summer?  Have you played any Battle of the Bands tournaments yet?  And how’s the competition going?

Jace: We’re not competing in any of the tournaments, however are currently ranked 3rd in the Boston competition and ranked in the top 50 nation-wide.  We’re pretty thankful for all our fan support across the country to hopefully land us a spot.  Although a few of us have played Warped before, it would be a great accomplishment for We The Machine.

What led to you covering Demi Lovato’s “Give Your Heart A Break”? How has your cover been perceived?

Jace:  I really dug that song and how catchy it was.  I thought it had tons of potential to get br00tz, and thought we’d take a crack at it.  It got a ton of exposure from a bunch of different outlets like Under The Gun, Disney, amongst many more.  It really put our name out there for some people who maybe wouldn’t have stumbled across us otherwise.  It has close to 50,000 unique plays on YouTube; we didn’t think it’d draw that much attention, but…thanks Demi!

Your debut EP, Dissenter, is set to drop soon.  Is there a specific release date yet?

Jace: We’re trying our very best to get it out as soon as possible, without sacrificing quality.  I will admit, it’s been a daunting process – between our recording studio getting flooded, evacuated, and subsequently condemned, our original engineer moving 1,000 miles away, and various other unforeseen delays – we’re hoping it’s in the final stages of mixing now, then it’s off to get mastered. We’re just as excited to release it as our fans are to hear it.  Our preorder campaign was a huge success and we want to make sure our fans get their money’s worth.

What should people expect from Dissenter?

Jace: I think people should expect a good idea of what We The Machine is all about.  What makes any song special is how it can relate to the listener and how many interpretations people pull from it.  The lyrics are very powerful and personal so hopefully that will resonate with our fans.  I’m very proud of the guys for what they’ve been able to put forth on this record.

If you could open for a concert bill of your dreams, consisting of all more well-established bands, who would be on it?

I think we’d fit well with We Came As Romans [Jace], I See Stars [Derek], The Color Morale [Danny], Memphis May Fire [Dave], Pierce The Veil [Max], and Dance Gavin Dance [Mark] – we are friends with a lot of these bands and can appreciate the work they put in and the messages they’re trying to spread.

Is there anything you would like to add?
Thanks for having us!

Thank you for your time.


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