Artist of the Week [5/10/13]: Wind In Sails

Spiraling away from Boston post-hardcore band Vanna, Wind In Sails is former Vanna guitarist/songwriter/clean vocalist Evan Pharmakis’ solo project. With Wind In Sails, Pharmakis takes a more folksy path, opening some doors for a more diverse listening audience.

Brighter Days, Wind In Sails’ debut full-length release, is filled with easily accessible musical elements for many different audiences.  Incorporating extremely catchy choruses, simple yet satisfying acoustic rhythms, and relatable lyrics, Pharmakis is sure to achieve great success with Wind In Sails with proper marketing.

The eight-song album includes Pharmakis’ former Vanna bandmate, drummer Chris Campbell, on a few songs, as well as Christopher Curran and Daniel Roth.

Wind In Sails rightfully portrays Pharmakis’ growing musical maturity and sincerity.  This project is arguably a better fit for his smooth voice.  With Vanna’s aggressive and heavy sound, his voice was only used to accent the screams of Chris Preece and later, Davey Muise.  His voice is meant to have center attention, as heard on Brighter Days.

Fans of 90’s alternative rock, modern indie rock, and acoustic music should definitely give Wind In Sails a good, easy listen.  Key tracks to check out are “Abandon,” “Live,” and “Breathe.”

For more information on Wind In Sails, check out the project’s Facebook pageBrighter Days can be streamed and digitally purchased here.


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