Artist of the Week [4/20/13]: Boston

In light of the events in the city of Boston and its surrounding towns, the classic rock band of that title has been selected as this week’s “Artist of the Week.”  Although they lack a large repertoire, several of Boston’s song titles speak well in this situation.  The actual lyrical content of those songs may not necessarily fit perfectly, but bear with me.

Following the explosions at the Boston Marathon this past Monday, many people, visitors and residents alike, were severely injured, three of whom died.  It was a terrifying day as people outside the city attempted to reach their loved ones while all telephone service was turned off and Boston was on lockdown.  This awful day turned into a week full of varying emotions.  Identities of the people directly affected by the bombs were released.   There were many press conferences regarding the tragedy and its aftermath.  Eyes were peeled on the news as more details continued to arise each day.

Emotions heightened when FBI uncovered a surveillance video of two suspects.  Bostonians held their hopes high as all forms of law enforcement worked relentlessly to find the two Tsarnaev brothers.  Finally, on Friday evening, the younger brother, Dzhokhar, was found in a boat in a Watertown resident’s backyard.  Many people, especially Bostonians, rejoiced after hearing that “Suspect 2” was captured alive.  The news even showed a huge crowd partying near the State House.

While more information regarding the motives of this attack will hopefully be forced out through interrogation of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Bostonians and Americans elsewhere can be at a “Peace of Mind” for now.  This whole week offered “More Than A Feeling” and showed that perhaps there is a “Higher Power.”  It is a great thing that we can now “Cool The Engines” without too much “Foreplay/Long Time” having been involved.

For those who did not pick up on those last few sentences, those are Boston song titles cleverly worked into this situation.  The band Boston is best known for its self-titled debut album, released in 1976. Despite the band releasing a few more albums, Boston is the main effort that fans remember and cherish.  From start to finish, it can arguably be considered a masterpiece.  Almost all eight tracks have been played on commercial radio.  “More Than A Feeling” is the cliché Boston song that most music listeners know.

Like their contemporaries, Boston are not considered very relevant today, especially since lead singer Brad Delp died.  In 2007, Delp committed suicide by burning himself on charcoal. That was truly upsetting to hear for several reasons.  First, suicide should never be an option.  Life tends to act like a roller coaster.  As low as you may drop, you will eventually come back up.  Secondly, that is an extremely painful way to leave this world.  It is sad to learn that he felt the need to hurt himself that badly.  Lastly, he had a great singing voice which was one of the elements that set Boston apart.  That is probably a large reason that not many people seem to care about the band anymore.

With that said, if you are not familiar with 1976’s Boston, check it out.  All eight songs are focus tracks.


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