[SONG REVIEW] Jaldaire – “The Apology”

Toronto-born independent rap/hip-hop artist, Jaldaire [Napier], recently sent me his new single, “The Apology,” for a review.  It took a couple listens to fully absorb the music quality.  From the beginning of the song onward, the underlying beat sounds very 90’s hip-hop-esque.  As the song progresses, the 90’s beat is gradually overtaken by a synthesizer.  That is actually when the song is most appealing.

The best part of “The Apology” is when Jaldaire’s robot-like, modified voice says “I’m sorry, baby” and breaks into an electronic breakdown with a synth solo.  It ties the entire song together while simultaneously pumping up the vibe.

Overall, this is a pretty catchy song with mildly cheesy but relatable lyrics.  Throughout most of the recording, Jaldaire’s voice sounds a bit monotonous, especially during the verses.  It doesn’t really hinder the impact of the music, but more of a variation in pitch and speed could definitely benefit.

Still, after several plays, listeners may find themselves singing along with Jaldaire. Intentional or not, the slow, easy vocal rhythms and clean, relatable lyrics would make for a good sing-a-long at a live concert.

As previously mentioned, the lyrics in this song are relatable to anyone.  As the title infers, the lyrics entail the speaker apologizing to a woman with whom he formerly had some sort of romantic relationship.  By utilizing a combination of complex vocabulary and slang, Jaldaire is able to reach a variety of demographics with “The Apology.”

Jaldaire’s overall delivery and flow show a lot of 90’s hip-hop influence, which is very respectable.  Excluding the electronic aspects in this song and Jaldaire’s modernized flow, “The Apology” could arguably be placed alongside old school 80’s/90’s rap/hip-hop.

For more information about Jaldaire, check out his Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Jaldaire’s Facebook page


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