[REVIEW] Def Con One – “Warface”

British metallers Def Con One, hailing from Newcastle, released their debut album, Warface, back in June 2012.  It is a pure shame that I am only learning about them now, almost an entire year later.  They have an old school crossover thrash-type sound with a nice, big slice of modern taste.  With that said, Warface is a great listen for fans of thrash metal and hardcore alike.

According to the band’s bio, Bloodstock Festival described them as a result of a bar fight among Machine Head, Slayer, and Pantera.  After listening to the whole album, that is a valid assessment.  However, Def Con One incorporate their own elements, as well.  For instance, the vocals are unique, transitioning from operatic, Overkill-esque screams to hardcore shouts to nasally clean singing.

The lyrical content of the songs is very enlightening.  It is gratifying to see that some musicians are still writing meaningful lyrics.  A perfect example of this is “Feeling Cold,” which is a soft, slow, and very dark ballad. The lyrics start out with an expression of loss and despair, segueing into a hopeful enlightenment.

With the exception of “Feeling Cold,” all of the songs on Warface exhibit extreme aggression, power, and groove.  As a side note, this album is fully Def Con One, without any outside assistance.  They recorded Warface in their own studio, “The Room of Doom.”  Taking into consideration the excellence of this album, that was the proper decision.

Def Con One recently stated on their Facebook page that they would be entering the studio to record their second album.




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