Artist of the Week [3/29/13]: Psychopathic Daze

Another Chicago band has made it into the MusicTalker books, and rightfully so.  Psychopathic Daze offer a refreshing melodic death metal sound, somewhat reminiscent to the legendary Death as well as early In Flames and Children of Bodom, despite the lack of keyboards for the latter.  Although, the band’s bio does not delve that deeply into the sound of Psychopathic Daze.  It does, however, inform the reader of the band’s impressive résumé. Apparently, Psychopathic Daze have shared the stage with better known bands like As I Lay Dying, In Flames, Lamb of God, Between the Buried and Me, Hatebreed, and Sylosis, among others.

For their song, “End of Days,” Psychopathic Daze released a music video in April of 2012. While it is clearly a low-budget production, it is interesting to watch.  As the screen fades up from black, the viewer sees a herd of zombies from which the band members walk away with ease.  The next scene portrays the cliché portion of a hard rock/heavy metal music video where the band performs the song in an empty room.  In this case, PD are in a caged room while a living human runs away from the zombie herd.  Again, despite the fact that it is obviously low-budget and that it is probably not the most original concept, it works with the band’s image and music.

As for studio releases, Psychopathic Daze’s third effort, titled Ride This Bullet Home, will drop in late April.  After hearing the new EP, it can be said that these guys should be more well-known.  They are playing better metal music than a lot of the bands in the forefront of today’s modern metal scene.

For more information regarding Chicago’s Psychopathic Daze, check them out on Facebook.  Their official website is  Stay tuned on their media platforms for their forthcoming release.


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