Cover Song of the Month: March 2013

According to the Youtube video’s description, Veresk is a band with members from Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Russia.  The video which accompanies this description portrays Veresk performing an outstanding cover of a classic song from a classic band.  This particular song is “Bohemian Rhapsody,” by British-born classic rock group, Queen.

Veresk’s live cover version, filmed in Russia in 2009, starts off a bit rocky with the song’s opening operatic gang vocals.  The falsetto that Freddie Mercury had mastered was not presented as smoothly here, but that should not be expected.  Freddie Mercury was one of a kind.

Still, Veresk does a great job with their interpretation.  One of the guitarists sings the opening verse while the lead singer faces the drum set.  When it comes time for the second verse, he turns around and belts it out with impressive vocal strength and a wide range.

The band is pretty on-par with the musicianship, excelling at the solos.  Overall, this is an exquisite cover version of the Queen masterpiece.

See and hear it for yourselves:


What should be April’s cover song?


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