Artist of the Week [3/22/13]: Kvelertak

This coming Tuesday, March 26, 2013, Norwegian metal act Kvelertak will release their sophomore effort, titled Meir.  This band is really interesting.  There is a lot of scream-singing and some clean vocals over catchy, groovy guitar melodies in their music.  One exceptionally interesting aspect of Kvelertak’s music is the use of their own language in the lyrics.  As English is practiced around the globe, that does not seem to happen a lot, even with musicians who are not verbally fluent in the English language.

Meir is currently streaming in its entirety on a few different websites around the web.  During an initial listen, it can be said that the new record picks up where 2011’s Kvelertak left off.  The main elements, such as the Norwegian lyrics, the scream-singing, and the groove, are still there.  This release may even be a bit sludgier and heavier than its predecessor.

Fans of hardcore, stoner/sludge rock/metal, metalcore, and all-around tasty heavy metal will appreciate Kvelertak.  The variety of styles they incorporate into their music allows for accessibility for all types of metalheads.

Five Kvelertak tracks to check out include “Ordsmedar Av Rang,” “Blodtorst,” “Sultans of Satan,” “Offernatt,” and “Bruane Brenn.”  The first four songs listed are off of the band’s self-titled debut release.  “Ordsmedar Av Rang” provides a fantastic guitar solo while “Sultans of Satan” sounds very cult-like with the clean-sung chorus.  “Blodtorst” and “Offernatt” are both very groove-oriented, with the former more focused on speed.  “Bruane Brenn” is the first single from Meir and is very catchy with the groovy guitars, rhythmic guttural chanting, and a gang vocal-centered chorus.

There really is no simple way to describe Kvelertak.  They do not directly correlate to any established band nor do they fall into one specific genre.  They are definitely worth a listen, though.

Meir comes out in North America on Tuesday, March 26th via Roadrunner Records.



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