Artist of the Week: 2/14/13

For the inaugural piece of this weekly segment, doom/stoner metal band Royal Thunder has been chosen as MusicTalker’s first “Artist of the Week.” They have put out two noteworthy releases via Relapse Records: 2011’s self-titled debut EP and 2012’s full-length debut, CVI.

Vocals reminiscent of Janis Joplin in an even rougher and more forceful fashion, yet cleaner and perhaps more melodic, are combined with the rhythm and groove inspired by bands such as Saint Vitus and Pentagram in the music of Royal Thunder.  Down-tuned guitars with a bit of distortion, as popularized by heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath, are very prominent with the rhythm section constantly fluctuating between up-tempo grooves and slower, gloomier parts.

As lead singer Mlny Parsonz said at the beginning of an acoustic video for Royal Thunder’s song “Black Water Vision,” which is posted on the band’s Facebook page, “It’s definitely got a very moody thing going on, a dark thing…It’s just rock to me.”

Between the Royal Thunder EP and CVI, five key Royal Thunder tracks to actively listen to are “Parsonz’ Curse,” “Mouth of Fire,” “Whispering World,” “No Good,” and “Shake and Shift.”  The first three of the aforementioned songs are all cow-tipping, cradle-flipping, Satan-summoning hard rockers from top to bottom.  “No Good” is less gloomy and more of a fast and heavy classic rock-sounding song.  “Shake and Shift” is a nine-minute epic that starts slow and gradually gets heavier and catchier.  It tends to be a “make it or break it” system with lengthy songs and Royal Thunder undoubtedly “made it” with “Shake and Shift.”

Royal Thunder are currently touring as main support to Enslaved on a North American club trek.  Other support acts for the trek include Pallbearer and Ancient VVisdom.

If you are a musician and you think that you and/or your band are worthy of a spotlight article as MusicTalker’s “Artist of the Week,” contact Tim at with your bio and some links to your material.


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