[REVIEW] Hatriot – “Heroes of Origin”

Simply reading through the song titles of thrash metal act Hatriot’s debut full-length release, Heroes of Origin, it is evident what the listener should expect.  For instance, the first three tracks are respectively titled “Suicide Run,” “Weapons of Class Destruction,” and “Murder American Style.” If those titles don’t spell out how aggressive and violent this record is, give it a listen. That will definitely answer any prolonging questions.

Another key piece of information is that Hatriot’s lead vocalist is none other than renowned thrash metal vocalist, Steve “Zetro” Souza, known best for being a long-time front man for thrash titans Exodus.  Knowing how violent and mosh-based Exodus are, one could only imagine how gruesome their former lead singer’s new band would be.  That is where Hatriot come in.  Zetro is the only real “adult” of the band.  He chose several younger, talented musicians to round out the lineup of his ideal thrash band.  Hatriot began as Zetro, a few unknown kids he sought out and recruited, and one of his sons who he auditioned for the bass position.  This preliminary lineup recorded a free four song demo in 2011, gaining instant praise and recognition, mostly due to the big-name lead singer.

The original drummer left the band in May of 2012, leaving Zetro to hold auditions for a replacement. After a successful audition and intellectual lecture, another one of Zetro’s sons joined Hatriot as the new drummer.  With the Souzas ready to wreck faces together in the thrash metal scene, Hatriot released Heroes of Origin on February 12, 2013.

Heroes of Origin sounds quite different than 2011’s debut demo, despite three of the four songs on the demo being featured on the new full-length.  That most likely has to do with the change in personnel along with being signed to a record label and having a properly mixed release.

While the new release may sound like just straight-forward thrash metal, it is a lot more than that.  It is living proof that passion in music is still alive.  Zetro has been in many bands over the years, but he just keeps going.  He has never given up and that is what the music industry should be about.  He isn’t even in a genre that makes good money, yet he seems to love doing his own thing.

Hatriot is depending on record sales to fund for touring. Check out Heroes of Origin.  It is thrash metal through and through with no compromises.  It is brutal, violent, aggressive, and thrashes to the death.

Check out my interview with Zetro from 2011 for my former radio show, Severe Auditory Trauma, on 91.5 WBIM:

Part One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrDmlkq_Mgo&list=UU5P4P7r4H8RR8pPTSe-Llfg&index=17


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