Thoughts On Randy Blythe’s Online Vent Session

As recently reported on, Lamb of God front man, Randy Blythe, let out his thoughts on Instagram regarding the disrespect the audience at LoG’s concert in Medford, Oregon showed toward the victims of the December 14th Newtown, CT school shooting.

I commend Mr. Blythe for publicly venting about these scum bags.  For those who have not read that article, read it.  If you don’t feel like it, here’s a brief synopsis: At their concert in Oregon on the evening following the shooting, Lamb of God asked for a moment of silence in honor of the fallen children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School. During that allotted sixty seconds, several audience members would not shut up.  They were screaming and showing full disrespect.  It’s not like the whole situation wasn’t disgusting already.  It’s bad enough that 26 innocent people lost their lives that day, especially when 20 of those people were only six or seven years old.  Therefore, the band’s request was not unwarranted whatsoever.

As Randy said in his vent session, “You yelling people give metal a bad name – screw that, you give humanity a bad name.” I wholeheartedly agree with this thoughtful and respectful man.  Lamb of God was doing a good thing and those punks screwed it up.  Have some manners, people.  It is common courtesy in the name of humanity.  This was a tragedy, as Blythe expressed, and it should be treated as such.

Metalheads often feel like they have to be tough.  Well, this is not the occasion to feel or act in that manner. Metalheads pride themselves in joining together in the “Metal Brotherhood.” Well, in this case, we metalheads need to join together with the rest of our free nation in mourning the losses of these innocent people and working toward a better place.  If everyone were to act like those narrow-minded in-breds in Oregon, tragedies like that of the CT shooting would continue to happen and potentially be more drastic.

With all of that said, my prayers and positive thoughts go out to all of the fallen and their loved ones.  I am sincerely sorry for your losses.

Also, thank you to Lamb of God and everyone else who was not directly involved for extending your thoughts and prayers to the victims of this terrible tragedy.  We, as a people, should be able to put any differences aside to unite against terrible events such as this.


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