In Memoriam: Suicide Silence’s Mitch Lucker (10/20/84 – 11/1/12)

As many people know by now, Mitch Lucker, lead vocalist of extreme metal band, Suicide Silence, was killed in a motorcycle crash this past Thursday, November 1st.  The dude was only 28 years old! I am 23, so I’m not much younger, which makes it that much scarier and hard-hitting to me.

Lucker’s death is not only a hard hit to the metal community, but to the minds of the general public.  Twenty-eight is no longer the age of a full-grown adult.  Today, many thirty year olds are still trying to find jobs and start lives of their own.  Also, the average life span has extended so much over the years.  It is no longer unheard of for a person dying at age 100.

Lucker had a whole life ahead of him.  I would like to further note that I come from a small suburban town that has lost five young people, all younger than Mitch, in the time span of five years.  So, I personally know the severity of young deaths.  Still, Mitch seemed like a good guy.  After seeing Suicide Silence with Machine Head at the Palladium, I was thoroughly impressed by his passion for his music and his power of winning over his crowd at live shows, and most likely anywhere he went.

With all that said, I send my thoughts out to all of Mitch’s loved ones.  Rest in peace, young man.


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