[CONCERT REVIEW]: Jack White at Agganis Arena on 9/28/12

On this rainy evening in Boston, I arrived shortly before the opening act took the stage.  Shovels & Rope were the best openers I have seen support any of Jack White’s acts.  I haven’t seen The Raconteurs yet, but the Screaming Females, who I saw open for the Dead Weather, didn’t do it for me.  Although, Dan Sartain wasn’t bad when I saw him support The White Stripes in 2007.  Anyway, Shovels & Rope sounded like an offspring of the Civil Wars and Jack White.  They were from South Carolina and definitely had that Southern twang in their sound.  I enjoyed their performance overall.

After about a half hour of waiting for the headliner, Jack White and his all-female backing band took the stage.  Before they actually went on, the arena’s lights went out and back on, tricking the crowd.  The second time the lights went out, though, the band came on.  My big problem with this concert was the constant sound issues.  I can deal with loud music, but when everything screeches and you can’t pinpoint any specific instruments, that is where a problem arises.

With all that said, this concert was still really enjoyable.  White played a solid set, but the crowd went absolutely crazy when “Seven Nation Army” came on for the last song of the night.  At least for this song, I was able to move past the troubling sound quality.  “Seven Nation Army” was the perfect way to end the concert, leaving everyone smiling and cheering.



Here is Jack White’s set list from last night (via setlist.fm):

Sixteen Saltines

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground   (The White Stripes song)

Love Interruption
Missing Pieces

Hotel Yorba   (The White Stripes song)

Weep Themselves to Sleep

Cannon   (The White Stripes song)

Broken Boy Soldier  (The Raconteurs song)

Top Yourself   (The Raconteurs song)

Hypocritical Kiss

You Know That I Know  (Hank Williams cover)

I Guess I Should Go to Sleep

We’re Going to Be Friends  (The White Stripes song)

Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy

Screwdriver / Blue Blood Blues

I’m Slowly Turning Into You   (The White Stripes song)

The Hardest Button to Button   (The White Stripes song)


Freedom at 21

Ball and Biscuit   (The White Stripes song)

Seven Nation Army   (The White Stripes song)




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