[REVIEW] Down – Down IV Part I: The Purple EP


Five years since the release of 2007’s Down III: Over the Under, New Orleans “super-group” Down are putting out the first of four upcoming EPs, beginning this Tuesday, September 18th.  Currently streaming on Billboard.com, The Purple EP shows great promise for this series of EPs.


This collection of six new Down originals sounds like good ol’ Down, incorporating the influences of all of the band members’ former and current bands.  On this release, the roots of Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, and Crowbar are especially prominent.  Also heard on The Purple EP is a distinct reminiscence of Down’s debut album, NOLANOLA is arguably the most energetic and powerful of the band’s previous three releases.  While Over the Under had its moments, this new collection of songs is closest to NOLA in Down’s now four main studio efforts.


It can also be said that The Purple EP is more or less a combination of main elements from both NOLA and Over the Under.  It has both aggressive and melodic vocals, speed and lack thereof, and lots and lots of sludge.  Specifically, “Misfortune Teller” is arguably the most signature Down track on here.  Everything Down-related is thrown into this one song.  There is no song more Down than the epic “Misfortune Teller” on this new release.


Check it out if you like sludge metal, this band, or any of the other bands previously mentioned in this article.  It is definitely worth a listen…or seven.




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