In the Hot Seat: Awakening Biota

I recently conducted an interview with Marlborough, MA grunge rockers, Awakening Biota.  On August 2, 2012, I visited lead singer/guitarist Gabo Flores’ house to meet with the band.  During this visit, I experienced a live performance, a listening party, and a solid band interview.

The band performed a couple of original songs before sitting down and playing their entire upcoming demo for me to hear.  From the emotional vocals of Gabo Flores to Phil Ward’s killer bass lines to drummer Ethan Gavin’s sheer energy and power on the kit, I was thoroughly entertained throughout the band practice/intimate show and the personal listening party.

During my visit with the band, a lot of laughs were shared, between the lively conversation in Gabo’s yard and the band’s good friend, roadie, and more or less fellow member, Adam Baker, wiping out on his roller blades during band practice, taking Gavin’s microphone stand down with him.

The last part and main purpose of my visit consisted of my interview with all four members of Awakening Biota, which lasted approximately twenty minutes.  They commanded the interview and didn’t cease to entertain me.
After having been a witness to one, I asked the band about the formula behind a “typical” band practice. They explained that they try to have fun with it, because it tends to become tedious.  In reference to his aforementioned wipeout, Baker said, “I don’t fall a lot. That doesn’t happen.”

Regarding the band’s influences, Flores said, “Our influences aren’t really bands…We can define our sound and influence by genres.”  As the conversation progressed, he added a list of genres with a bit of humor at the end, “metal, hardcore, punk, grunge, alternative…jingles and lullabies.”  That comment spurred some laughter.

As portrayed in their songs as well as how they discuss their music, Awakening Biota have a strong sense of passion.  They pour their emotions into their songwriting and live performances.  On this subject, Baker said, “One of our first shows we had, when we were singing, I cried. I cried right on stage, in front of everybody.” To this statement, Flores asked Baker what song they were playing at the time.  It was apparently a cover of Third Eye Blind’s “Jumper.”  Flores and Baker explained that they had previously lost a very good friend of theirs, to whom they dedicated their live cover version of “Jumper” and an original song, “Letting Go.”

In discussion of performing cover songs, drummer Gavin mentioned that “people are really digging the Elton John.”  Bassist Ward explained, “We do a quarter of the main part [of ‘Tiny Dancer’], then we do one of our original songs, ‘Breathe.’ It mixes perfectly with the end of ‘Tiny Dancer.’” Gavin added, “I like it as our finish.”

Speaking of the band’s music as a whole, Gavin said, “We hope that everyone who listens to our band can relate to the songs, no matter what way it connects to them.  They lyrics can be taken in many different ways.”

While Flores offered this following quote early in the interview, it is a good way to wrap up the details of this very eventful visit.  “We’re all fuck-ups…We’d like for our music to kinda speak to the same type of people – fuck-ups.”

As shown above, Awakening Biota are four down-to-earth musicians who are sure of their motives and aspirations.  After hearing their music played both off of a computer and directly from the musicians’ instruments, I can assure you that they have potential in every sense of the word.


For more information about Awakening Biota, check them out on Facebook:


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