Behind the Guitar: Shaun Anzalone of Sonic Titan

I recently decided to conduct a special interview segment for this blog to investigate the different roles of a typical, modern rock band and how they operate and function.  To kick off this segment, I talked to Shaun Anzalone of Marlborough, MA hard rock band, Sonic Titan via email.  As you will find below, I asked Shaun several questions regarding his dual role of lead vocalist/guitarist for Sonic Titan.  He provided some pretty interesting answers, several of which are quite humorous.

MusicTalker: To begin, Shaun, what is it like playing a dual role (lead vocalist/guitarist) for Sonic Titan?
Shaun Anzalone: It’s fun when you do them both right!
MT: When did you start playing guitar and singing?
SA: Guitar when I was 10 and singing when I was 15 or 16.

MT: At what age did you begin singing and playing guitar at the same time? Is it more difficult doing both as opposed to doing one or the other?
SA: My old bands went through a bunch of singers and I had experience doing backing vocals, it came down to the neil peart like drummer and slap bass player couldn’t sing easily live so I took up lead vocals.  I got more confident once Sonic Titan got together, they dug my rock stuff..
MT: What do you focus on during live performances? Do you have to get in some type of “zone” to play the guitar and sing at the same time?
SA: Yeah, the zone of being really high and drunk

MT: Do you feel like you have control over the band, the crowd, etc. at a show? If so, what type of control is it and/or what does it feel like?
SA: It depends on the crowd I guess, getting people to participate is tough when you know 80% of them haha.

MT: What do you do to try to get crowd participation?
SA: I try to get them to clap their hands and scream at them. That’s even harder than singing and guitaring at once haha.
MT: As the lead singer and guitarist, do you tend to command a lot of the song writing or is it more of a group effort? Talk about that, if you can.
SA: It’s a group effort but it’s cool because I get to be the Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at once only when they combined the two they got slightly less talented and that’s me.

MT: I heard that Sonic Titan will be releasing a new song soon about a Kraken. What can fans expect from this new track?
SA: It’s like old Metallica meets old rush meets old zeppelin meets our lack of effort.  It’s pretty awesome

MT: Whose idea was it to write a song about a Kraken?
 fuckin Steve [McCaul] (Sonic Titan’s bassist).

MT: Thank you for your time and entertaining answers, Shaun.
SA:  Awesome man, any time haha

For more information regarding Shaun and his band, Sonic Titan, check them out on Facebook at:


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