[REVIEW] Shinedown – “Enemies” [MUSIC VIDEO]

Earlier this week, hard rock band Shinedown released a new music video for their song, “Enemies,” which comes off the band’s latest effort, Amaryllis.    This particular video was quite interesting.  While the song itself is a little bland yet still catchy, the accompanying short film maintains its grasp on the viewer, whether or not the viewer enjoys the song.

The video begins with all four band members entering a function hall-type room with four chairs set up in the middle of the room in a square format.  Once all four men sit in their respective seats, a subtitle saying, “BAND MEETING…2:15…MONDAY” pops onto the screen.  Once the lyrics kick in, vocalist Brent Smith starts yelling the lyrics at bassist Eric Bass while drummer Barry Kerch and guitarist Zach Myers watch.  Brent and Eric yell the lyrics back and forth for a minute or so before they start putting up their fists.  As soon as Eric smashes the coffee pot on Brent’s head, you know that it’s getting real.

Meanwhile, Zach is taking pictures on his phone of this fight and laughing at the other two with Barry.  Eventually, all four guys end up throwing fists at each other, along with objects like the chairs, the coffee pot, etc.  After the climax of this group-wide hysteria , the four friends/”enemies” get up off the floor, sit back in their chairs and shake hands.  As they exit the room, Brent pulls Zach aside and the screen fades to black as Brent starts to hit Zach.

This video was simple yet well-executed.  At one point, there is some awesome camera work with a spinning overhead shot of the room.  Other than that, though, the video production and editing was pretty straight forward.  However, it was not choppy and it looked very professional and aesthetically pleasing.

Check it out for yourself:


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