[REVIEW] Testament – “Native Blood” [new song 2012]

San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal legends, Testament, have just released another new track online.  “Native Blood” comes off of their upcoming follow-up to 2008’s Formation of Damnation, which is titled Dark Roots of Earth.  The band previously unleashed a shred-fest of a new song called “True American Hate,” also appearing on the new record.  Both new songs sound like vintage 80’s Testament in every way.  I cannot even say that there is much of a modern tinge, because “Native Blood” sounds like it could be straight off of The New Order (1988) or The Legacy (1987).  However, “True American Hate” sounds slightly more modernized, yet still obviously Testament.  The latter offers more aggression than the former, as hinted at from the song’s title.

Anyway, “True American Hate” has magnificent guitar work, leading the listener to focus mostly on that, and rightfully so.  Both Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson are phenomenal guitarists, as shown through this one song.

While the aforementioned song is an absolute shred-fest, “Native Blood” is more of a straight-up thrasher.  The listener can easily visualize the mosh pit opening up in a brutal fashion during this song, whereas with “True American Hate,” fans will want to watch the precision and technique of the guitars at work.  That is not to say, though, that “Native Blood” is not a good guitar song, because that would be incorrect.  This song shreds, too, but not to the extent of its predecessor.

The bar for Dark Roots of Earth has been set very high after the premieres of these two songs.  July 31st better come sooner, because the new Testament foretells some major bang-overs (see what I did there?).

Check out “True American Hate” here:


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