[REVIEW] Darkest Hour – “Severed Into Separates” [Music Video]

Darkest Hour’s new music video for their song, “Severed Into Separates,” off of their latest release, The Human Romance, debuted today on Metal Sucks.  This video used an entirely different approach than that of God Forbid’s video, which I recently reviewed.  Instead of having the band appear at all, Darkest Hour’s video was more focused on the story being portrayed.  This music video was actually more of a short silent film with “Severed Into Separates” acting as the score.  This was an interesting approach as it directed the attention toward the visuals rather than the typical focus on the audio.

Another positive aspect of this video is the production quality.  The footage has a better look than many Hollywood box office blockbusters.  The content, though, is quite confusing.  It is almost confusing enough that it makes sense.  The video itself is the most obscure film anyone could ever formulate in their extremely creative mind.

The only issue I have with this music video is the distance between the song and the film.  They feel very separate, but maybe that is what the band was looking for, hence the title.  Otherwise, Darkest Hour’s new music video is aesthetically pleasing and worth the view(s).


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