[REVIEW]: God Forbid – “Where We Come From” [Music Video]

“Where We Come From” was the first single off of God Forbid’s highly acclaimed 2012 release, Equilibrium.  With this release of this single came a music video on YouTube.  Through understanding the song title, listening to the lyrics, and watching the video, their message is clear.  They do a great job in conveying the message, too.

The video begins with the lead singer, Byron, waking up in bed with font on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen showing the time and place.  During this first scene and throughout the video, jump cuts are tastefully utilized.  They are used so well that they are almost unnoticeable, allowing the viewer to easily follow the story being portrayed.  This is because each jump cut is synchronized with the blast drum beats so exquisitely and precisely.  It is actually quite impressive.

Additionally, the story portrayed throughout the video accurately follows the lyrics of the song accompanying the video.  Whether Corey works/worked as a cook or Doc is/was a bartender, the video footage of them playing those roles helps to enhance the meaning of the lyrics, which should be the point of a music video.

It is a pleasant surprise when a metal band defies the norm in any way.  For instance, the typical heavy metal music video is simply footage of the band playing the song in a sometimes random setting.  Actually, that is the case for a lot of genres.  Still, God Forbid’s video for “Where We Come From” was very enjoyable and quite refreshing.  While they included a lot of footage of them playing the song live and in studio, it was necessary to fully cooperate with the overall song.  One of the smartest parts of making this video was including visuals of the very catchy guitar solo.  While it is important to capture the meaning of the song in the video, a solo is often one of the most important parts of a song.  Therefore, it is almost equally important to film the guitar solo, if applicable.


Check out the video for yourself and leave your personal opinion(s) in the comments section…



2 responses to “[REVIEW]: God Forbid – “Where We Come From” [Music Video]

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