Artist Spotlight: Under the Flood

Under the Flood is a hard rock band that I have been following for a few years now.  They have put out three full-length albums, one of which is strictly in digital format.  This digital release is actually their most recent effort, titled A Different Light.  A Different Light was released online just a couple of weeks ago.

I currently own their debut album, The Witness, on CD.  I will definitely invest in their second and third records as soon as I  am able to scrounge up the small amount of money required.  However, the point of this post is not necessarily to write a review, but to honor the band for their talent, promise, and exceptional studio efforts.

Under the Flood’s lead singer, Dave Nadolski, may look like Chris Daughtry, but their voices are very different.  I personally love Daughtry’s voice.  At the same time, though, Nadolski has some pipes with a very unique timbre and strong vocal range.  When these guys finally achieve some exposure, it will be easy to differentiate Under the Flood from the rest of the mainstream rock landscape.

This band’s music is very powerful, both lyrically and acoustically.  It would definitely fall into the category of hard rock, but these guys are something else.  This band brings something very refreshing to the increasingly monotonous sub-genre of hard rock.

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