[CONCERT REVIEW]: Machine Head at the Worcester Palladium 2/4/12

As the first band of the night, Darkest Hour took the stage at right about 7 PM.  Stirring a mosh pit that would continue until after the headliner’s set, these Washington, D.C. natives showed why they were opening this esteemed concert bill.  Despite front man John Henry’s awkwardness on stage, Darkest Hour received a respectful and entertained response from the crowd.

Suicide Silence was the second band of the night and the last act before the mighty Machine Head.  While Suicide Silence’s music targets a small niche, it was evident why that small niche loves the band’s live shows.  Lead vocalist Mitch Lucker holds a phenomenal stage presence.  He has mastered the art of performing from talking to the crowd to having fun with them.  He divided the crowd on the floor for a competition to see which side was louder and jokingly criticized the left side for being really weak-sounding.  Needless to say, the right side won.

Following the completion of “Diary of a Madman” on the Palladium’s sound system, Machine Head took the stage to bring their fans a memorable set just shy of two hours.  Some highlights of their performance included Robb Flynn’s speech before “The Darkness Within,” the images on the screen during “Who We Are,” and the entirety of the song “Halo.”  He spoke some very wise, heartfelt words before leading into “The Darkness Within,” off of their latest release, Unto The Locust.  He discussed how music helped them and their fans, alike, persevere their darkest times and feelings, especially in terms of heavy metal.  It was really touching, as were the slideshow images on the big screen during “Who We Are.”

This is Machine Head’s first headlining tour in over four years.



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