MusicTalker updates

Hey there,

It has been quite a while since my last post on here.  With that in mind, I figured I would give whoever ever reads this an update on what’s going on with MusicTalker.

Since last fall, I have been handling my own metal radio show on Bridgewater State University’s student-run radio station, 91.5 WBIM, in Bridgewater, MA.  I am also the  metal director for the station, a position that entails me promoting new hard rock/metal music, reporting to CMJ (College Music Journal (kind of like the college radio equivalent to Billboard)), and some other duties.  As some perks for the job, I am able to go to concerts for free and conduct band interviews for my show, Severe Auditory Trauma.

With that said, here are some links you all should check out: (my show’s YouTube channel – subscribe to that shit) (Blabbermouth article for my interview with Megadeth’s David Ellefson – follow the links to Severe’s YouTube channel and check out the rest of my interviews!!)  (Devin Townsend interview)  (Steve Zetro Souza interview, audio clips – go check it out at Severe’s YouTube channel, too!!)


Also, a shout goes out to the authors of the following two articles for the name drop:



So, yeah, check those out and keep your eyes peeled, because I will try to post a little more often than I have been.  I know, I know.  I’ve said that before, but this time I mean it!

Lastly, please go to my show’s YouTube channel, show some love, subscribe, spread some links, etc.!  And, if you want to be super awesome, go “like” my show’s page on Facebook!  (



– MusicTalker


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