Musictalker’s summer concert spiel

To start off, I’d like to say that I’m the new metal director for 91.5 WBIM, Bridgewater State College (or now, University) ‘s student-run radio station.  This new job allowed me the opportunity to interview As I Lay Dying’s lead guitarist, Nick Hipa, in Boston on Tuesday, July 20th, 2010.  I will air the interview on my radio show during the fall semester.  Nick is a great guy, really down-to-earth, and the perfect subject for an interview.  We discussed the band’s current headlining festival tour, which I was able to see later that night; AILD’s new album, The Powerless Rise;  Nick’s thoughts on the several recent losses of metal musicians; and several other topics I felt were quality points of interest.

As for the concert, As I Lay Dying absolutely killed it.  They rocked the crowd, leaving them wanting more.  It was a real bummer, though, that they played a significantly shorter set than Underoath, who played before them and royally sucked.

Exactly a week later, on Tuesday, July 27th, I attended Mayhem Fest in Mansfield, MA.  That was a very fun day.  I actually met Shadows Fall, but as a fan, not a journalist.  Therefore, there was no interview or anything.  Still, it was a cool experience – they seemed like really chill guys.  Their set was awesome – too bad it was on the second stage and had to be so short!  Other highlights of the day were Lamb of God, Hatebreed, and definitely Rob Zombie.  John 5’s guitar solo totally kicked ass!  Additionally, this was the only Mayhem Fest date that Avenged Sevenfold played.  They were pretty good, but there were a ton of poseur metalheads rocking out to them.  Sure, they’re a decent band, but I don’t have a lot of respect for a ‘metalhead’ who sits down for Lamb of God, then stands for Avenged Sevenfold and sings along to every lyric.  It’s okay for the ladies, but for a wanna-be M. Shadows to throw the devil horns and sing to every A7X lyric like a girl, now, that’s just contradictory in itself.  There is no disrespect aimed at Avenged Sevenfold there, though, just the poseur fans.

Well, that’s basically my summer concert spiel for now.  I’ll try to update whoever actually reads this at some point next month after I experience Megadeth/Slayer/Testament and Ozzfest.


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