Upcoming Albums – week of July 13th

This coming week will see quite a few new releases for rock/metal, some worthwhile, others most likely not so much.

July 13th releases to look for:

In This Moment – A Star-Crossed Wasteland

Norma Jean – Meridional

HellYeah – Stampede

KoRn – KoRn III: Remember Who You Are

From what I have heard of In This Moment’s new album, it sounds like a great return for them.  I wasn’t really a fan of The Dream, but this sounds much heavier and more pleasing to the typical metalhead’s ear.

I’ve never been a fan of Norma Jean, but I am listening to their new album streaming in its entirety on Myspace as we speak, and it’s not awful.  It’s definitely worth a listen.

HellYeah’s Stampede  was leaked on YouTube a few weeks ago and it sounds awesome.  If you had pre-ordered it, you most likely already have a digital copy.

Honestly, I really don’t like KoRn at all; not even a little bit.  I doubt that will change, but I will give the new stuff a listen with a somewhat open mind if it’s streamed online.

Those are the main albums I have heard that are being released this Tuesday in the metal world.  You can catch In This Moment, Norma Jean, and KoRn on this year’s Mayhem Fest.  You can also catch HellYeah on the Rockstar Uproar Festival this summer/fall.

Still in store for this summer are Black Label Society’s Order of the Black on August 10th and Iron Maiden’s The Final Frontier  on August 17th, among others.  Keep your eyes and ears out and rock on!


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