Mayhem Fest 2010, Overkill concert, upcoming CD releases to look for

It’s been a while since I last posted on here and there has since been a great amount of important music news released.  Although, I am sure most people are well aware of a lot of it, so I won’t dwell on just the news, which happens to not be so “new.”  That being said, here we go…

I’m sure everyone has heard about all of the Mayhem Fest 2010 details by now, but if you have not, here’s the lineup for this year’s Mayhem:

Mayhem Festival Side Stage: Atreyu (great band, live and in studio), Norma Jean (not a huge fan), In This Moment (awesome live band; amazingly hot female lead singer), and 3 Inches of Blood (haven’t seen them live yet)

Jagermeister Side Stage: Hatebreed (can’t wait to experience them live!), Chimaira (great live, except for their lack of stage presence), Shadows Fall (amazing all-around), and Winds of Plague (dion’t know them too well)

Main Stage: Korn (eh), Rob Zombie (can’t wait to see him, especially with John 5 on guitar and Joey Jordison on drums!), Lamb of God (amazing band, can’t wait to see them), and Five Finger Death Punch (eh)

Presale tickets go on sale tomorrow (Friday, April 2nd), so jump on that!  Here’s the link if you need further details:

Also on the agenda, I’m seeing Overkill live tomorrow night.  I will attempt to get some pictures and I will post a review on here as soon as I get the chance.  It should be a great show.  Thrash Revival bands Warbringer and Evile will be there.  I cannot wait to experience their live shows.  They are helping to maintain the thrash metal sound, because soon enough our beloved old school thrash titans (i.e. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Testament, Overkill, etc.) will see their days.  After all, they’re all at least in their early 50’s. 

The last item on my list to inform everyone about is a list of some upcoming CDs to check out:

Slash – “Slash” – April 6th

Coheed & Cambria – “Year of the Black Rainbow” – April 13th

Sevendust – “Cold Day Memory” – April 20th

Drowning Pool – “Drowning Pool” – April 27th

Soulfly – “Omen” – May 4th

As I Lay Dying – “The Powerless Rise” – May 11th

Exodus – “Exhibit B: The Human Condition” – May 18th

Deftones – “Diamond Eyes” – May 18th

Kingdom of Sorrow – “Behind the Blackest Tears” – June 8th

Those are only a few of  many noteworthy releases coming up, so keep checking back as I will try to update this blog more often.


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