Mayhem Fest 2010 Dream Lineup

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival has been a success for its first two years.  Now it’s time to speculate and dream about its third installation.  I have compiled my dream lineup for Mayhem Fest 2010.  Although I doubt some of the bands will make it onto the tour, I feel like a few are definites while others are strong possibilities.  My dream lineup is as follows, in order of performances:

Hot Topic Stage:

Dirge Within

Darkest Hour

August Burns Red

Shadows Fall

Jagermeister Stage:



Lamb of God


Main (Mayhem) Stage:

Coheed & Cambria

Alice In Chains

Rob Zombie

Iron Maiden

Heaven & Hell

I truly believe this lineup could bring in massive audiences of all ages to each stop on the entire tour.  Profits for the tour would be of unbearably large amounts for everyone involved in producing the festival.  Younger metalheads would thoroughly enjoy Darkest Hour, August Burns Red, Dirge Within, and Coheed & Cambria.  The middle-aged fans and perhaps families would have fun with Alice In Chains, Iron Maiden, and Heaven & Hell.  Fans ranging from teenagers to fans probably in their mid-30’s or so would love Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, DevilDriver, Rob Zombie, and Overkill.  Lastly, Amorphis is a phenomenal metal band hailing from Finland and could really use more exposure on this side of the world.  They have the potential to do better than very small club venues and I think this tour could help them out in that aspect. 

Of course, ages really do not have much to do with it.  There are metal fans of all ages who would like each and every one of those bands.  The age comparison to this dream lineup was only made to put the universal enjoyment potential of this dream tour into perspective.

While this lineup is but a dream, it would reach out to a great portion of metalheads across the United States.


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