Never Forget John and Dime

Today is a day to forever be remembered as December 8th is the mark of two great losses to the world of music.  On this day in the year 1980, John Lennon of the Beatles was murdered.  He had signed a copy of Double Fantasy for Mark David Chapman on the day of his murder.  Chapman would go on to shoot Lennon five times before 11 p.m. that night (  Chapman continues to serve his sentence in a New York state prison (
Here is a live performance of Paul McCartney paying tribute to his fallen friend, John Lennon.

Exactly 24 years later, “Dimebag” Darrell Lance Abbott of Pantera and Damageplan was savagely murdered while on stage with his current band, Damageplan.  Ex-Marine Nathan Gale went on a killing spree at that show in Columbus, Ohio, murdering Dime along with three others. Luckily, off-duty patrol officer, James Niggemeyer snuck into the club and was able to end Nathan Gale’s shooting spree by putting a bullet to his head (  However, Dime had already been killed instantly with a shot to his head from Gale.
The following video link is to a live performance of a song which includes, in my opinion, one of Dime’s finest solos.

Let us never forget these two tragedies that severely injured the world of music.  More importantly, let us never forget these two great musical icons.


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