Classic Album of the Week: October 25th, 2009

This is the first edition of a weekly segment in which I will choose a classic album to talk about and dedicate the week to it.


This week’s album is:

Boston – Boston


Boston’s self-titled debut, released in 1976, stands still in time over thirty years later.  Top to bottom, Boston is a solid release and rightfully deserves its spot in this first edition of Musictalker’s “Classic Album of the Week.”  Even people who don’t know classic rock that well know the song “More Than a Feeling.”  There really is nothing to dislike on that album.  Brad Delp was a fantastic singer.  Unfortunately, he died in 2007.  However, his voice will forever live on in this phenomenal album.  Boston did go on to release one or two more albums, but they just did not reach the high standards that their debut set.  The band is still around without Brad, but it just is not the same.


Well, that’s this week’s “Classic Album of the Week.”  Stay tuned for next week’s choice!


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