Musictalker’s Band of the Month: October 2009

I thought this may be a cool idea to do, so I’ll try to write an article about a band each month and dedicate the month to that band.   Of course, this will probably be a victim of my bias and opinion, but I’ll try to have a valid reason for each month’s choice.  Here it goes…


Musictalker’s Band of the Month for October 2009 is…

Alice In Chains


I have chosen Alice In Chains as October’s band of the month for several reasons:

  1. Their new album, Black Gives Way to Blue, was released at the very end of September (September 29th to be exact).  Therefore, if I were to have had this blog back in September, they couldn’t be included.
  2. Black Gives Way to Blue is a phenomenal album.  Jerry still has it and William DuVall is great, especially on “Last Of My Kind,” where he controls lead vocal duties.
  3. The band has regained much respect in the metal community with their resurrection. 
  4. Although Layne may not be here, the band still sounds tight.  Of course, it is a different sort of tightness with a different feel, but they’re still great, nonetheless.
  5. Alice In Chains emerged from Seattle in the late 1980’s as the most metal of the grunge bands.  This observation still stands.  Despite the significant loss of frontman Layne Staley, the band has maintained every bit of the sound for which they became known.


In my mind, AIC is very worthy of this title.  No reader needs to agree.  It is just my opinion.  Posted below is the link to a video of the band playing one of their new songs, “Your Decision,” on Jimmy Kimmel.  Also, if you would like to see my review of Black Gives Way to Blue, see my article, “Best Metal Albums of the Year: 2009.”


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